Inner Harbor Yacht Club

Established 1963

Inner Harbor Yacht Club was founded in September 1963 in Tonawanda, New York when twenty-one boat owners decided to each drop a dollar into a hat and start a yacht club.  Inner Harbor was built from the ground up with the membership doing most of their own work; this process still holds true to this day.

About Us

The Inner Harbor Yacht Club is indeed a "Working Member's Club."  Members assist in launching their boats as well as cleaning and caring for both the grounds and the clubhouse.  There are numerous calendar events that are chaired by our members for our members.


The Women's Auxiliary was also formed in 1963 and has become a working and active partner in support of the Club.


Along the way Inner Harbor highlights have included the first area Musical Cruise, and the first wedding held on the Niagara River.  Beginning in 1976 fish fry's have been served each first Friday of the month and have since become a culinary tradition among many area boaters.  This tradition is still hosted at Inner Harbor each month.